Boston’s #1 Home Buyer Breaks Down His Journey and Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Full Show Notes:

Boston·s #1 Home Buyer, Tom Cafarella, breaks down his journey and marketing strategy. Tom walks through step by step his journey from a job he hated, to making the leap, to realizing he needs to be great at marketing. 

He slowly learned and refined his marketing from the ground up.


– Tom spends $1million a year on marketing. He explains what works for him and what doesn’t.

– His #1 way of generating leads online is Facebook (for sellers). He breaks down in detail how he’s having success on Facebook where others aren’t.

– And, before switching to Carrot a year ago or so, he was skeptical Carrot could outperform his custom site. He made the switch and test it. Carrot doubled his online leads and business… HUGE ROI. 

Listen and enjoy!

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